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TSM: วิธีการเลือกความสำคัญของ Volume ในกรณีที่ต้องการ Restore


Is there a priority for volume selection between device types or between primary and copypools?


The following sequence/priority is used for volume selection by a restore:

  1. Active-data pool (FILE)
  2. DISK (random)
  3. FILE (primary or copypool).
  4. Active-data pool sequential onsite.
  5. Sequential onsite-volume (primary or copy) priority considers:

a. mounted (idle)
b. automated
c. manual

  1. Sequential offsite-volume (primary, copy or ADP)

Example 1:
If the primary pool is sequential tape and the copypool is of type FILE. The restore process will use the copypool volumes as they are higher in priority on the list.

Example 2: If both the primary pool and copypool are of the same device type such as File or Sequential Tape there is no priority of stgpool and the TSM server will optimize the restore and can use any available volume from either pool. Starting at TSM 5.4.2, due to APAR IC54239, TSM creates a tie breaker for sequential pools (non-active data pools) and will select the primary pool volume.

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 May 2011 07:59