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TSM: Spoke server show unavailable

The status from OC show ‘unavailable’ for TSMDR01
Check actlog from TSMDR01 found that there is an error about ANR0418W (IBM-OC-TSMHQ01) password incorrect.
Reset password of IBM-OC-TSMHQ01 by stop OC service @TSMHQ01 server.
remove the file

AIX and Linux operating systems: /opt/tivoli/tsm/ui/Liberty/usr/servers/guiServer
Windows operating systems: c:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\ui\Liberty\usr\servers\guiServer
Start OC service again.
Login to web manager
Change password of IBM-OC-TSMHQ01 to ‘[email protected]

@TSMDR01 : dsmadmc
update admin IBM-OC-TSMHQ01 [email protected]