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TSM: Backup VMware by using TLS only

Vmware added support in vddk for tlsv1 only in 5.5.4 and 6.0. So currently only tsm 7.1.2 with vddk 6.0 can work with tlsv1.

Enable support for TLSv1 with VDDK 5.5.
Using VDDK 5.5.x advanced transport modes for backup and restore against vSphere 6.0 does not work, because VDDK requests SSLv3, which is disabled by default to addressCVE-2014-3566, commonly referred to as the POODLE attack. This issue is resolved in the VDDK 5.5.4 release by enabling support for and requesting Transport Layer Security version 1 (TLSv1).

Now, your TSM is is not supported for tlsv1. And if VDDK is 5.5.4 belower, it also not supported for TLSV1.